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When you decided to divorce, most likely you were unaware of the flurry of legal terms that could overwhelm you, when discussions on child access commenced — physical custody, legal custody, sole, joint, temporary, permanent, visitation, parenting time, shared parenting, fathers' rights, mothers' rights, grandparents' rights and so on.

All you know is, you want to care for your child or children full time, or you want to see him or her regularly, and take part in their healthful development. You want both parents to maintain productive, preferably collaborative, roles in your child's upbringing. You want the potential negative emotional impact of divorce on your child to be minimized.

We want what you want — at the Florence law office of Cynthia R. Clausen Attorney At Law.

After more than 10 years of successful divorce and family law practice in northern Kentucky, Cynthia R. Clausen has a number of points in her favor: command of the statutes, familiarity with the courts and a solid commitment to attentive personal service, to name three. When you work with this skilled, compassionate lawyer, you are trusting one of your own — a Kentucky-raised, Kentucky-educated adviser and advocate for individuals and families who are going through a difficult time.

Ms. Clausen gives you the facts you need about factors the court considers when weighing both sides in a child custody case. She assists with establishing regular parenting plan routines that lead to the stability children need. In every aspect of a child access dispute that could delay a contested divorce, she values "the best interests of the child" above all.

Also — your differences with a former spouse do not have to result in hard feelings, long term. Cynthia R. Clausen can give voice to your wishes and goals during divorce mediation, a cooperative alternative to costly, time-consuming, stressful litigation.

Personal Attention To Your Urgent Child Custody Issues During Divorce

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