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Are You Seeking To Grow Your Kentucky Family Through Adoption?

Compassionate prospective parents seeking to grow their families and improve their lives through adoption are pursuing the noblest of goals. These selfless souls deserve the very best legal representation possible in making this dream a reality.

The often complex, sometimes frustrating legal process of adoption in Kentucky requires an emphasis on paperwork, procedures and legal knowledge. Working with the Florence law office of Cynthia R. Clausen Attorney At Law gives you the peace of mind that you're being inspired, advocated for and guided through this maze of regulations by the best.

Cynthia R. Clausen is an accomplished northern Kentucky family lawyer of more than 10 years' standing. She always welcomes the challenge and opportunity to represent individuals and families seeking any of these kinds of adoptions:

  • Private and independent adoption
  • Agency adoption
  • Birth adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Foster parent adoption
  • Grandparent adoption

These terms alone should give you some idea of the many wonderful people out there who would eagerly assume the responsibility of bringing up a child, and setting him or her on the right path through life. Cynthia R. Clausen listens carefully to your objectives, applies her adoption law knowledge to your wishes, works hard to guide you past any potential obstacles and keeps you regularly updated on the status of your case.

Personal Attention To Your Urgent Adoption Legal Needs

To begin your search for a child, become familiar with situations of specific birth mothers and arm yourself with facts that can lead to wise decisions, contact Cynthia R. Clausen. Your initial consultation is free of charge. Call 859-488-6814, or stay at our website to reach us by email.

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