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Protecting Your Rights Against Serious Criminal And DUI Charges

Are you headed to court or to jail after a brush with the law? If you are, chances are you feel defeated, powerless and desperate for help.

Here's some good news: a skillful criminal defense attorney can work hard to accomplish goals you never thought possible after an arrest on felony, misdemeanor or drunk driving charges.

At the Florence law offices of Cynthia R. Clausen Attorney At Law, our northern Kentucky law firm's founder knows how to investigate circumstances that led to your charges, and bargain with prosecutors toward possible reduction or dismissal of them. She recognizes the importance of inadmissible evidence, any invasion of your privacy by law enforcement and the many ways that a DUI stop by police can go wrong from the very start.

In short, these are the benefits of retaining Cynthia R. Clausen to represent you, and tapping into her more than 10 years of experience with successfully advocating for a wide range of clients, inside and outside of the courtroom.

Ms. Clausen places special focus on these areas of criminal law, protecting your rights after an arrest for:

  • Drug crimes, including possession, distribution, sale and delivery, trafficking, importation, smuggling, manufacture and cultivation of controlled substances, plus drug paraphernalia
  • Violent crimes such as simple and aggravated assault, manslaughter, homicide, kidnapping, arson, domestic violence, resisting arrest and armed robbery
  • Theft crimes that include retail theft, identity theft, fraud, breaking and entering, robbery, burglary and larceny
  • DUI charges ranging from first-time to repeat offenses, breath test refusals, alcohol-related vehicular manslaughter and vehicular homicide, and DUI drugs

Along the way, you receive the best of our law firm's tradition of one-on-one personal service, so that any sudden question or concern that arises can be promptly addressed.

Personal Attention To Your Urgent Legal Issues After Criminal Charges Or A DUI Arrest

Are you looking for a criminal defense and DUI defense lawyer who is knowledgeable, understanding and consistently accessible to answer your questions? You have found her — Cynthia R. Clausen. Schedule your free initial consultation today by phone at 859-488-6814 or online by email message.

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