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The Lawyer You Can Trust In Family Courts And Criminal Courts

Personal Attention To Your Legal Needs


Versatility That Addresses A Variety Of Legal Matters

A diverse clientele calls for an intellectually nimble attorney — for advocacy during contested divorces, compassion during the adoption legal process and commitment to the interests of criminal defense clients. Cynthia R. Clausen is the rare lawyer who can serve these audiences. She excels as aggressive litigator, family law mediator and your guide through the system.

Is Your Future At Stake In A Criminal Trial?

When the stakes are at their highest, for your liberties and livelihood, Cynthia R. Clausen raises the level of her game, and rises to the occasion — while investigating your serious charges, negotiating on your behalf with prosecutors and arguing your case before judge and jury. Our law firm has one goal when participating in a criminal case: achieving the justice you deserve.

Your Initial Consultation Is Confidential, Informative — And Free

Talking to, listening to and learning from Cynthia R. Clausen will have you feeling a lot better about your prospects. Conversely, Ms. Clausen is open to your ideas and your side of the story, and translates that responsiveness into a course of action you can feel good about. Reach our law firm today by phone, or email message to reserve your appointment.

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